Information for Patients

St. Mary’s Medical Centre is a training practice and has been approved to train future GPs. ST1, 2 and 3 doctors are fully qualified doctors who will be entering general practice in the future and their training will be supervised by Dr Lewis, Dr Dixon and Dr Richbell who are fully qualified trainers.  The training doctors normally stay with us for up to a year and will see patients in their own clinics. They will also be required to video tape some of their consultations, but you will be asked for your written permission for them to do this.  These would only ever be viewed by doctors from the practice.  This means that Dr. Lewis, Dr. Dixon and Dr Richbell cannot be in surgery all day, every day, as they need the time to supervise the training doctors.

In order to continue to train doctors the practice is inspected on a regular basis.  This involves some medical records being inspected by doctors who are approved to do this and who will respect the confidentiality of the information.  

The practice is also involved in training Practice Nurses.  We also undertake training of medical students from Manchester Medical School so on occasions you may be asked if a student may be present during your consultation. If you would prefer that the student wasn’t present during your consultation then please inform reception or the consulting doctor.

We also accommodate 6th form students who are planning on becoming doctors in the future to do work experience at the surgery.  The aim of this is for them to gain experience of the medical environment before they apply to medical school.

Information for Prospective Speciality Training Doctors

  • We use Emis Web
  • We have expanded in size over recent years and now have three consulting rooms for dedicated use by training doctors.
  • The library has recently been refreshed and is up to date.
  • All rooms have internet availability
  • All training doctors receive weekly protected tutorials and appropriate support and coaching to help improve patient care and to enable them to succeed in their professional examinations.